Experienced volunteer blacksmiths operate the blacksmith shop throughout the summer.  They make forged items, fire pokers, marshmallow forks, soup ladles, and much more, which are sold at the Blacksmith Shop and in the Tallac Museum Gift Shop.

Our Blacksmith Shop ,one of the Pope Estate Exhibits, is filled with tools and equipment from a 100 year history. The forge is completely operable and you can observe blacksmiths manufacturing custom work and hardware from iron. Blacksmith demonstrations are volunteer based and all forged items are for sale onsite and at the Tallac Museum Gift Shop. To check if there are demonstrations on the day of your visit, contact the Tallac Museum 530-541-5227 or email visitorservices@tahoeheritage.org

Open Wed – Sat 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
June – September 30
Demonstrations and Shop

Volunteer Blacksmiths
May 25 – Jun 24   David Kay, Livingston, TX
May 25 – Sep 30   Randy Vogelgesang, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Jun 25 – Sep 30   Tolley Marney, La Quinta, CA  http://www.tolleymarney.com